The beauty business is still thriving, with online shopping and beauty tutorial vlogs and TikToks rising. But what does this mean for on-site beauty businesses?

PLC Beauty Bar’s services are salon-based and with the shelter-at-home orders, we’ve followed orders to close up shop at our 31st Street location.

Even so, PLC Beauty Bar is doing its best to ensure that we are prepared for reopening. At present, we are currently acquiring the necessary health license to operate as usual.

Still, we would like to acknowledge that we may be experiencing a different kind of beauty service for the rest of the year.

With social distancing practices in place, we will provide our employees with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to perform our lash services.

We will also abide by the rules set by our government or establish stricter measures should the need arise. This will include limited guests within the business establishment and appointment-based services for convenience and safety.

Right now, we don’t have all the answers yet, but we will do our best to communicate with our clients on the next steps we plan to take.

What does this mean for the beauty industry?

We believe that the beauty industry will thrive in adversity. As licensed cosmetologists, we plan to deliver the highest level of services to those who continue to be passionate about supporting local businesses and appreciate the services of this industry.

While it is not as essential as many others are, we believe that the beauty industry will continue to bring happiness and satisfaction to previous and future clients moving forward. The only difference is that there are some changes that we would like to acknowledge and support for the safety and health of everyone involved.

With that said, here are some social distancing practices that may help ease the burden of the crisis for both beauty service providers and clients:

PPE Priority

Frontline workers must take first priority in case of PPE scarcity. However, if you have the means to provide your own PPEs for beauty workers, do so with the guidance of all health organizations that are experts in the field of health protection.

Beauty PPEs include uniforms, face shields, face masks, disposable gloves, and sanitation equipment. This also includes disinfectants for the body and the working environment.

Social Distancing Within Establishments

Beauty establishments should establish a safe number of clients and employees present within the space of their business. They must consult with the proper authorities as to how many people can be accommodated based on the dimensions of the room and building.

Line Up!

For walk-ins, we expect that there will be some inconvenience with waiting six feet apart; However, this can be remedied with additional outdoor seating and awnings to protect the clients from exposure to the weather.

Home Services

For on-site or at-home services, we will abide by the guidelines set by the health organizations so that we can ensure that all the clients and employees stay safe until such a time that our health and exposure is deemed secure by the proper authorities.


We expect that there will be additional guidelines when it comes to events, so we urge all our clients to consult with the local government before deciding on the number of attendees and the location of their events. Once that is established, we will coordinate with the proper organizations on the plan of action on how events will be run with on-site beauty services in attendance.

Beauty Equipment

Even before the health crisis, PLC Beauty Bar has always maintained a high level of sanitation for our employees and equipment. We sanitize all equipment before each use and we utilize disposable items where needed. In this case, we will study how to implement a more rigid approach to sanitation based on the guidance of health professionals.

DIY and Beauty Products

We hope that we can release new products that clients can use at home to minimize their outside exposure. For now, we would like to urge clients to stay safe when performing DIY beauty tutorials at home. We would also like to encourage you to look into the products you are using to ensure the quality of your experience. We also urge you to sanitize any packages you receive to ensure your household’s safety. For more information on PLC Beauty Bar and when our services will resume, please follow our Instagram, Facebook, and Newsletter.